¡DIY addicts you are on a lucky streake! Today I bring you this little original proyect of mine, a totally personalized notebook cover. 

I´ve always been in love with planners and diaries, soon I will be creating a specific department if I keep going posting about this topic -for sure I will!-. The thing is I was watchin those incredibly beautifur videos about how to personalize your kikki k planner when I saw this postcard and I had to made one.

OK, se let's get to work!


 ○   A notebook
 ○   Pencil and paper
 ○   Cutter
 ○   Ruler
 ○   Washi tape
 ○   White acrilic paint and a small brush

Well, the first step is choosing our text or letters you are going to place on your cover: when I saw my notebook in the store I loved its bright yellow colour and I inmediatly thought about the postcard above. In this case, the text I choose was XO aka kisses and hugs.

1. Open a new Word sheet, write your text , choose a font and print it -take care of the size-.

2. Onced printed, take measurements of the total width of your printed text and take also the measurements of your notebook with a ruler and write them down. We are going to center the text, for that, we are going to take away the measurement of the text from the size of the notebook and divide it by two, like this:

3. Cut the marked width with the help of a cutter and a ruler.

4. Turn the peace of paper around and with a soft pencil (4B or upper) cover the text area, for being able to trace them to the notebook cover.

5. Place the peace of paper right with washi tape on the front of the notebook and trace the outlines of your text. (I used regular tape instead of washi tape and I took of part of the netebook).

6. Take your acrilic paint and with a small brush paint inside the outlines you marked. Don't worry if you can see through and it doesn't look totally white, wait until it dries and then apply another coat.

7. When the paint dries  (wait 30 mins. aprox) take a rubber and erase the traces the pencil has left.


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